Saturday, March 26, 2011

Geranium in Sun and Shadow #1

I started a new stippled piece yesterday...and i thought i'd show its progress 'til it's done.  Unlike my first piece,  The Glass Snail, where i used a .13mm Rapidograph...this piece is being created with a couple fountain pens.  I have a whole bunch of different fountain pen inks to choose from, and i decided to go with colors that will enhance an 'abstract feel' rather than 'realism' when its finished.

The pen that's laying down the darker dots is my Pelikan XXXXF nib pen (custom ground)...and the lighter dots are from the way-more-cost-friendly Pilot Penmanship with XF nib. There's not a whole lot of difference in dot size.  With fountain pens you can get a thicker line (or heavier dot) by pushing harder, as that spreads the tines of the nib and allows more ink to come out.  So, i try to keep a light hand.

More's 3" x 5.5" (8cm x 14cm) and the paper is a rather stiff, smooth watercolor paper.  There's a bit more 'bounce' when working on it compared to illustration board, but not bad.  Yes, this is a small piece.  As an artist, i generally work in's just my thing.  Will be interesting to see if i allow myself to go bigger with this medium.


  1. Oh, I really love this one! Makes me want to get up and stipple a bit. I'm sending you an email with a link that will really challenge your love of little. What colors of ink are you using??

  2. Thanks! :)
    Well, those inks should look familiar to you...i'm using R&K Alt-Bordeaux and Platinum Sepia. :) I like how they look together. Thanks for sending them!