Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I mentioned that i do micrography in my last post. For those unfamiliar with this artform, micrography uses tiny writing to create an image, or to perhaps compliment an image.

This first piece, called "Hold Me In Your Hand" is my son's hand in mine, when he was younger.  I created it with an XXXXF nib fountain pen, and the original is about 5" (13cm) in diameter.

This next piece...The Whole World...was also done with the XXXXF fountain pen and is 4" (10cm).  The phrase 'whole world in a single flower' came from some book on Buddhism...i love the phrase.

And last summer i really got into devotional chanting music, and decided to use some of the phrases i was listening to/singing in micrography pendants.  These are original pieces sealed into 1.25" (30mm) silver bezel cups.  I used the .13mm or the .18mm Rapidograph to do these (on matte mylar) with colored pencil on the reverse side.


  1. Very cool! What is XXXXF pen and where do you get it? I have only XF. What brand do you use?

  2. Hi Nikira...thanks for commenting! I've been collecting fountain pens for awhile. The one you're wondering about is a fountain pen with a customized nib (meaning that it was ground from a Fine nib down to an XXXXF nib by an expert). Here's the site where i got it...

    Mr. Binder is amazing at what he does! (scroll down to the M200...i got the body only and then on his Nibarama page you can scroll down and see the Super Needlepoint (XXXXF) under 'Waverley'). Let me know if you have any other questions.
    Nice to meet you,

  3. Nikira...oops, that link gives an error. Once you see the error page just click on Home and then click on Pelikan, and then scroll down to see it.

  4. I remember once seeing a portrait (I think it was) in an annual when I was a child. It was the from the TV series 'Vision On' and was composed by a typr writter...and I am aware of 'Concrete Poetry'...but I've not actually seen anyone produce images in a free hand method like yours...its wonderous. the had picture is actually incredibly moving knowing now the story behind it...!

  5. Thanks Niall! Yes, i've been aware of Concrete Poetry for awhile...can't seem to remember how i came across micrography. Most likely i happened upon someone's website...i have discovered so much 'out there' because of the internet.