Sunday, April 24, 2011

God, in all things #1

In early June there will be a presentation at a local church called, "Choosing Compassion"...part of the ongoing Belko Peace Series.  There will be a couple speakers, music, and artwork.  I was asked to contribute any artwork that might fit the theme of compassion for one another, compassion for our earth, and tolerance for all who exist on our planet.

Two ideas came to mind and, below, is the first one...i've just gotten started on it.  To be honest, this is my 2nd attempt...i ruined the first piece. :(  Instead of a snail, i had used a tiny tree frog, and by the time i added a color wash (the last thing before calling it finished) it was no longer identifiable.  Bummer. Yup...thousands of dots down the drain.  But i'm actually liking the snail better.

This piece is about 5" square and i'll be stippling the entire thing with my Rapidograph .13mm pen

And yes, i'm still working on the blue glass's just that this 'compassion' piece has a deadline.

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