Tuesday, April 5, 2011

World Thru a Teleidoscope

About 5 years ago i discovered just how amazing the world could look through a teleidoscope.  Unlike a kaleidoscope, which allows you to look at beads, buttons, etc. in a mandala effect...the teleidoscope does the same mandala effect to the world around you...at whatever you're looking at.  Very cool, to say the least!  And i found, right away, that my camera fit into the end of the scope so that i could take pictures!!

At the time, we had a lighted peace sign hanging on our garage...the green/white in the background is the tree canopy above the garage...

And here's a seed pod that i found on a walk.  I can't remember what the B&W background is...

I love the use of mandalas in artwork and go this direction now and then.  Here's the above seed pod done as a stippled piece, using a .18mm Rapidograph, on 2.5" x 3.5" illustration board.  I can see doing many more of these...and i like using the photo just as a starting point and then 'working it' in a more intuitive manner.

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