Wednesday, May 25, 2011

After the Rain

We have a very large deck off the back/side of our house.  After a recent rainstorm, and clearing skies, i was captivated by the reflection in the pooling water on the deck...and decided that i had to see how it would translate into an artpiece.

The entire piece was stippled onto matte mylar, and colored pencil was added afterwards to differentiate, even further, the areas of pooling water from the drier areas.
Dimensions... 4" x 5.5"

Sitting here at the computer, i can turn my head and look out at the deck.  Today - being a sunny day - i see the same trees as fuzzy shadows on the planks.  Nature is constantly communicating with us...


  1. Just found your blog. Beautiful work! I hope you'll be posting more soon!

  2. Thank you so much Lotus! And thanks to your comment i have gotten around to posting something that should've been done awhile ago. :)

    By the way...i checked out your blog and just love the intuitive, 'free' feeling in your journal entries!