Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Eyes of Another #1

This is the other piece i'm working on for that Compassion Presentation, in a couple weeks.  The first piece i did for this presentation is "God, in all Things"...seen here:

This new piece, Eyes of Another (altho' i may change the title), is an entirely stippled piece, approx. 3" x 5", on illustration board. It will be mounted onto a framed mirror. It's actually only 1/2 the finished piece.  Next i will be working on another similarly sized panel that will be mounted above the eyes panel.  I'm still considering how i will do this, but i will be stippling words, that i wrote, onto this 2nd panel, to read...

When we look deeply           OR...        When we look deeply
into the eyes of another                           into the eyes of Another
we can not help                                      we are given the gift
but see ourselves                                    of seeing Ourselves
and the divine.                                        and the Divine.

I may put the words onto 5 prayer flags...or maybe just have the words by themselves...not sure.

The reason for using a mirror is so that the viewer can gaze from the stippled eyes to their own.

The inspiration for this piece, by the way, came from my participation in the Awakening the Dreamer symposium during the winter. (http://slow-by-choice.blogspot.com/search/label/Blue%20Glass%20Bottle and scroll down to post at bottom of page).  One of the exercises was to pair up with someone and look into each other's eyes for a good few minutes.  The effect was profound and caused me to realize the truth of the above words.

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